Darwin's Pigeons

The dawn of an idea with the

aid of peristronic steps..........

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Illustrated London News

In Darwin's time 'The Illustrated London News' often featured pigeons on its pages. The centre picture on this page was published sometime after his death, about the time that his son Francis published his memoirs. The pigeons once again feature but this time in a Darwin context.


article on darwin Ilus lon news web Illustrated Lon circa 1860''s B web Illustrated lon News Dec 1870 web Ilustrated london news circa 1860''s web

Trumpeters, Jacobins, Swallows and


English Pouters and Fantails

Runts, Fantails, Jacobins and Barbs

Illustrated london news 1851 web

Jacobin English Carrier English Pouter Almond Tumbler Owls

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Philoperistron Show 1853