Darwin's Pigeons

The dawn of an idea with the

aid of peristronic steps..........

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Victorian Pigeon Postcard Shop

There are currently  28 cards to choose from  with 6 in colour  and 22 in black /white. All cards are much better image quality than  samples used and    would look look great in photo frames or a gift for a  Pigeon fancier or Pigeon history collector


Cards are sold individually  and are also available in 5  groups consisting  of 5  cards ,1 in  colour and 4 in black /white


Card size is  6 x 4 inches or approx.150 mm x 100mm.


ALL cards are printed on recycled paper and as such are reproductions

please note some cards have printed backs and others plain  please check details before ordering


Postage in the  U.K. is  first class at  £1.25 for first card, further cards no extra postage


Europe Postage  is £1.50 for first 5 cards, further cards up to 15 = £3.20 over 15 cards= £3.70


USA & World Postage  please contact for price stating how many cards

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