DSC_0087 Carrier web

Black Carrier on display at 50 Albermarle Street

DSCF4847 web

Professor James Secord (left) University of Cambridge and the Director of the Darwin Correspondence project, discusses the Almond Short Faced Tumbler with John Ross

DSC_0105 web

Randal Keynes (left) admiring the English Pouter
Photo courtesy J Murray  

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DSCF4885 web
DSCF4831 web

Barb Scandaroon Exhibition Fantail Carrier

DSC_0087 fantail  web

White Exhibition Fantail on display at 50 Albermarle Street

DSCF4845 web

Christopher Dionne and his wife Jessica from California, winner of a competition from the 'New Scientist' magazine, share in the Darwin celebrations

DSC_0077 web
DSC_0078 web

English Pouter and Almond Short Face Tumbler

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