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The dawn of an idea with the

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World Sci Fi Convention 2014

 The 72nd  World Science Fiction Convention was held in London  at the Excel Arena on August 14th -!7th 2014,  the event was entitled Loncon 3.

The mascots for the event  were 'Pigeons'  and lots of colourful knitted pigeons appeared on various websites including pinterest.com leading up to the actual event.


One of the guests of honour was Robin Hobb who whilst writing  as Megan Lindholm wrote the cult classic " Wizard of the Pigeons ".  Robin had  in fact, as the book may have suggested,  kept fancy pigeons and mentions Charles Darwin  and his pigeon  studies in the early chapters. I was pleased that Robin found time to visit the Darwin's Pigeons  stand and enjoy the 13 birds present. It was clear that Robin  is at ease with pigeons as she explained to a young visitor to the stand some of the characteristics of fancy pigeon breeds.


Breeds present at the display were an almond and dun English Short-faced tumblers, Barb, Scandaroon, Damascene, Old German Owl, Frillback, Runt, Jacobin, King, Archangel, Moorhead muffed tumbler and an English Pouter.


I was joined on the day by Colin Ronald, National Pigeon Association Secretary  and Randal Keynes, Charles Darwin's great great grandson. My thanks to both gentlemen for talking to the many interested vistors and convention members who visited the Darwin's Pigeons display during our allotted time period on Saturday 16th August.


John Ross      

img435 P1010070 AliceTams  bird illustrater  crop Mystery man visit the Darwin's pigeons display web DSCF1122 Almond and Scandaroon P1010062 John Ross  Robin Hobb  with Damascene Pig P1010055 John Robin Randal  and Wizzard stand

Loncon 3 Pigeon mascots suround  "Wizzard  of the pigeons"  with John Ross Robin Hobb and Randal Keynes in the background

The Slender Man ( Andrew Wishart) visits Darwin's pigeons stand. He went on to win  the "most Creepy award".

Almond Tumbler (foreground)  with a Scandaroon (background), two of Charles Darwin's favourite fancy pigeon breeds during his studies in 1855.

img435 wizzard close up P1010073 Colin Archangel

Colin Ronald  holding a stunning copper black Archangel Pigeon

DSCF1124 Slender Man  2 DSCF1115 storm trooper web DSCF1128 Bat man 1 crop DSCF1117 loncon pigeon Maker